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Pleasures of the Telescope, by Garrett Putnam Serviss, was first published in 1901 and still has many gems to offer amateur observational astronomers today.  Once you get the rhythm of his antique prose, Serviss’ guide to the heavens remains delightful 119 years on.   Unfortunately, original editions are difficult to find and quite delicate.  Reprinted versions from the public domain are readily available and suitable for general use, but their reprinted star maps tend to be a bit fuzzy and hard to read.    For that reason, I have downloaded high‐resolution scans of the maps from public domain versions of Pleasures of the Telescope found on the Hathi Archive and made them available here.  These PDFs of Serviss’ star maps can be printed for use when reading Serviss’ book or, hopefully, for observing under the stars. 

Ready for nightfall… Vixen/Celestron C100 f/13 customized by Steve Kufeld and John Volk. copyright 2020 dewayne carver

Want more Garrett P. Serviss? You might also enjoy Astronomy with an Opera Glass, Astronomy with the Naked Eye, and Curiosities of the Sky. These can be found as eBooks on For original or reprint paper copies, try looking at

You can even download audiobook reading of Curiosities of the Sky from LibriVox.